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Time Warner Cable/Road Runner Nightmare – Dallas, TX March 17, 2010

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Good morning!

This is completely off topic for my blog but I have to tell the story and spread the word.

Yesterday, when I got home I found out that my internet connection was dead. After looking around on my browser i got this message (click on the image to be able to read it):

This informs that it was some virus crawling , very generic. In any case, I scanned the desktop and the laptop, change the password for my wireless network just incase an intrusion even when I did not have any reports of that.

Then I called the 877 number for abuse, no human answered at 4 PM CST and I recorded a message saying all of this so they can call me back

As the message said I called next the local support number. After going around in circles, I get to a human. He was nice and tried to help but he said I should contact the 877 number, I told him I already did before I called him. He asked me for my email address so they can email me back which i said,”well how do you expect me to get my emails if I have no connection here?” In any case, he could not do anything else.

After that, I had to do some another stuff around the house and I missed the call from the Abuse team (877 number), I listened to the message which treats me like a criminal saying that I connected a computer infected with a virus, that this computer has not been online for over a month and they refuse to turn the connection back on.

Well, I have no clue what computer they are talking about or anything.

I called back and of course no human, I leave another message, not very nice.

I waited and waited.. no call back

I called again the local support number, the representative told me I should call the abuse line, which I did twice. I asked for the supervisor, repeated the whole thing and he said the issue was escalated.

So here I am  still without Internet connection at home.

My expectations and comment about this are:

– Why a customer is not being contacted about disconnecting the service?

– Why is no way to get hold of a human?

– Why are they so rude , treat you as a criminal, quarantine the modem , do not give a clear explanation of the issue?

– Why the local support has also no way to contact them?

I want only one thing ” My internet connection back!”

Please spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. Any comments are welcome and if you have any similar stories, please share them

UPDATE – See comment from TWC- I emailed my account information at 12;30 PM CST


6 Responses to “Time Warner Cable/Road Runner Nightmare – Dallas, TX”

  1. Wow that is something else. You need a professional to fix your computer, not like your not one already. I would hate to see you have to take it to someone and pay, to have nothing removed. Wow so your computer hasnt even been connected for a Month. LOL

    Your a criminal Ha 😉 Hope they get you internet connection back up today.

    That is some story !!

  2. TWCableHelp Says:


    I’d like to apologize for the frustration you have run into. Though we take security issues very seriously, it is never Time Warner Cable’s intention to make a customer feel like a criminal.

    To address your concern about not being contacted prior to disconnection, I’d like to explain a bit. When we recieve a report of a compromised computer on our network – whether that computer is sending out spam, virus activity or otherwise – we have to act quickly to ensure the security of our entire network. If we can verify that the report is legitimate, then our next step is to cut off the connection at the source of the issue, and thus contain the security risk.

    Regarding your difficulty getting in contact with the Abuse department, I can’t really comment as I am not in your local area. However, if you would like, I’d be happy to take a look at your account, and get you any additional information that would help get your connection restored.

    Please email me at TWCable.Help@twcable.com with your account information.

    Brien H
    Social Media Representative – Time Warner Cable
    Twitter – TWCableBrienH

  3. Ed Says:

    How did you resolve this; it’s happening to me, but I didn’t get a screen. I’m in the Dallas area also.

    • karmacrochet Says:

      Hi Ed,

      If you did not get a scree, if I was you, first I will check the firewall in your router, you may have an intrusion and depending on the settings, you will be completely blockes. Aslo, make sure you scan your computer for viruses and malware and lastly if you have a wireless network change the password to it. After all that, call the suport , they should be able to initiate a ticket, if you do not get a quick resolution, write a blog post and put it on Twitter and Facebook, TWC will pick it up. That is what I had to do.

  4. tom Says:

    I had the same stupid problem today. All my roommates got the same message sent to their computers (5 total roommates). Total abuse on Time Warners part. I didnt do anything and now I cant use the internet unless I am at work.

    File sharing is just like me lending a DVD or music CD to my friend. Is it illegal for me to give CD’s and DVD’s to friends?

    Time Warner – You are lame.

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