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Talking Yarn – Amazing! by Lion Brand Yarn Company August 10, 2010

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Today, as I was checking my tweets on Twitter, @crochetgal said : “I just ordered some wonderful new yarns, based on the names! how crazy is that???”

I replied that that she is not alone, I had done the same thing. A while ago I decided to order Lion Brand’s Amazing yarn and it was truly Amazing!

This yarn comes in 7 colorways. I ordered 1 bag of each color that means 3 skeins for each. It goes a long way. From each color I made: 1 cowl, 6 brooches and 2 headbands. It is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

The brooches are not finished, but here you can get a preview:

You will be able to find these products for the fall/winter season  at my Etsy Shop, Urban Street Bazaar and Jingle Bash.


Finished Work – Crochet Blanket January 23, 2010

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Finally after several days I finished this blanket.

The project is actually simple but quite tedious. You need to make 35 squares, sew then together and then do the border all around. You can find the pattern online here . The last row on the pattern for the square is not right, it says to make 3 sc in each 1-ch space, if you do that, the squares will be ruffled, not good. I did the same colors and size that the pattern since this was a commissioned work, but you can change the number of squares and color scheme very easily to match your decor. Each square will take you around 45 minutes to make, sewing and making the borders will take hours so it is tedious but worth the end result!


Work in Progress – Scarves January 12, 2010

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Here is a peek at new scarves that I’m working on. I started with the stitch that I found very interesting in this blue yarn:

I finished the scarf and then since I love color mixes, I started this one:

I really like how the colors flow on this pattern.  🙂

Stay tuned, more new products are coming down the pipe. That is one of my goals for January.


Work in Progress – Brooches using scrap yarn January 2, 2010

I’m working on more brooches for my shop using scrap yarns from my other items. I made a good quantity already and they are different colors and sizes, so I will need to number them or something.

What do you think?