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Back to the dungeon January 11, 2010

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After 2 weeks of working at home, I went back to the office.  I like my full time job but I found the place very confining. Here is a picture of the building itself:

The space inside is not much better, so I had to put something colorful.

and here is a detail of  it with a reminder. I look there from time to time.

After spending a bunch of hours there, I return home to create . 🙂

So here you know a little more about my weekdays.


Etsy – What were you thinking? January 8, 2010

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I had been in bed with a stuffy nose for the past 2 days, I feel cranky and uninspired, so today I will do the bad karma posting and get it over. I know this will come back to bite in the rear but I take responsibility for it.

Even when under the weather I keep one eye on my email so … have you seen the Etsy Finds today?

The first thing that caught my eyes was this:

My cats will not wear it… so why humans should?

Looking a little more in detail, you can also find this other 2 super ugly things.

At first I thought this was a picture of a pantry then I discovered they were earrings, oh! and it a person there! Wow!

And what is this thing? They look like this tights were dragged in the mud, the dog can create this.

So I repeat: “Etsy… What were you thinking?” Are you trying to compete with Regretsy now?

Now, for a laugh, check this Flickr album with cat wigs. The things we do to our feline friends!

Have a great weekend and feel free to post your comments so we can all laugh together!


First Treasury of 2010 for me! ( and it made it to the FP) January 2, 2010

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Work in Progress – Brooches using scrap yarn

I’m working on more brooches for my shop using scrap yarns from my other items. I made a good quantity already and they are different colors and sizes, so I will need to number them or something.

What do you think?